Start to code

The best way to learn to code is to start coding

Learn the basics of computer programming for free, using codenplay. Not only will you gain real coding experience, but you'll do this with a smile on your face!


Perfect for newbies

You don't need any coding experience or computer programming knowledge. It's enough to just be able to use a mouse and a keyboard.


Learn by doing

Codenplay is focused on practice, so 80% of the time you will write real code, solving fun and engaging tasks that take the form of games.



It's absolutely free. But you always can support us by sharing posts on social media or sharing your feedback with us. Please feel free to leave any comments about our course, so that we will be able to make it even better.



We use blockstack infrastructure to authenticate users. All user’s data (progress and scores) is stored in decentralized storage (Gaia). So our users have full control under personal data.


Real coding in Javascript

All the code you will write is a real Javascript code. Javascript is the best first language because it's simple and very powerful. Using Javascript, you can create websites, mobile apps, scripts, and desktop apps.


Learn to code through playing

Each practical lesson is a small animated game, where you should write code solution to get it past. Every topic contains about 5 coding games.


Coding is fun

Coding is a fun and creative activity. It is the ability to create new things from thought. Codenplay makes coding more creative and fun through interactive coding games. We aim at bringing this fun way of learning to code to every person who starts their coding adventure.


It is simple

We are real practicing software developers. And we know how to show only the most important programming concepts. So you won't be messed up in your head by useless information.


It is quick

It takes only 2 hours to finish all the lessons and get familiar with the main programming concepts: instructions, expressions, variables, conditions, and loops.

How it works



You watch a short animated video with an entertaining explanation of the concept



You take a simple test to verify your new knowledge



And the best part, you write code through playing small and fun games

On completion of the course

You will be able to
  • check_circle_outline Write simple Javascript code
  • check_circle_outline Work with simple technical documentation
  • check_circle_outline Fix problems (bugs) in simple code
  • check_circle_outline Analyse simple Javascript code
  • check_circle_outline Communicate with developers
You will understand the following concepts
  • check_circle_outline Programming language
  • check_circle_outline Bug
  • check_circle_outline Variables
  • check_circle_outline Conditions
  • check_circle_outline Loops

Thank you to

We've integrated blockstack authentication and decentralized data storage (Gaia). We also take part in blockstack app mining to be able to support the project and make it free for our users

We love visual studio code and we have integrated its code editor (Monaco) into our platform

We have integrated material design library made by Google

We have used renderforest to create animated explanation videos